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Welcome to lcgcigars.com. La Casa Grande Cigars proudly offers the finest and freshest selection of hand-rolled cigars in the New York City area.  Our cigars are freshly-rolled by artisans in our factory location in the world famous Arthur Avenue Retail Market in the Bronx.

Our legacy began in 1997 when we turned a small cigar booth into a beautiful boutique filled with the finest selection of freshly-rolled, premium cigars. Today, you can visit our factory and see the talent and passion of our rollers as they craft our cigars from only the finest blend of perfectly-aged tobaccos, fillers and wrappers. These same rollers are available to bring an unforgettable experience to your wedding, outing or event.

Whether your preference is for a mild Connecticut Shade or a full-bodied Maduro Robusto, each of our cigars reflects our passion for delivering a premium experience, at an affordable price. We invite you to join us at our shop or allow us to ship them to you to enjoy at your leisure.


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