Visit us on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Or have one of our skilled cigar rollers make your wedding, corporate event or charity golf outing unforgettable and fun!

Our custom event packages include a tuxed or Cuban-attired roller, personalized cigar wrappers, an assistant and more!

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Quick Tips


The darker a cigar is the stronger the smoke. Color ranges are Claro, Claro (green), Claro, (light tan to medium brown), Colorado (reddish to dark brown), Maduro (darkest brown), and Oscuro (black).


The longer a cigar is the cooler the smoke. Most common cigars range between 5 - 6 inches.


The diameter of the cigar is measured in rings of 1/64 of an inch. The fatter a cigar the more blends of tobacco it may contain.


If you're just getting started, then choose a cigar that is longer, thinner and lighter in color for a cooler smoke.